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El Cristo de las Cintas
Documentary photography about a catholic tradition in Costa Rica, Central America.
Photography, Photojournalism, Journalism
Light and loneliness
Photographing the silence, the light and the night, of the desert.
Photography, Digital Photography, Fine Arts
Climate Change Chronicles
Photo chronicle explaining sustainable Bio Gas projects for the COP21, Paris 2015.
Photography, Journalism, Photojournalism
San Juan River
Documentary film about everyday life at the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
Photography, Cinematography, Film
Documentary film full of time-lapses and night photography, an exploration of ancient BriBri traditions in Central America.
Film, Cinematography, Photography
Collection Metaphors
An experiment of light and staging photography.
Photography, Fine Arts, Digital Art
El Bálsamo
Documentary photography deep in rural Nicaragua, where women's strength take the challenge of supplying water for the community.
Photography, Journalism, Photojournalism
El hombre de Guatemala
Filming at the heart of the Mayan World.
Photography, Film, Cinematography
Dos Aguas
Filmmaking photography and advertising.
Photography, Film, Advertising
Documentary Photography. In the mountains of Nebaj in Guatemala, there is a town that achieved its energetic autonomy, Batzchocolá has its own hydroelectric plant.
Photography, Journalism, Photojournalism
ARCA Project
Photographic documentation for the promotion of agro-tourism.
Photography, Photojournalism, Journalism
Abrázame como antes
Advertising photography for a movie about gender roles and marginated groups.
Advertising, Photography, Film
Old Institute of Alajuela
Lightpainting and long exposure photography project for the Universidad Técnica Nacional.
Architecture, Photography, Visual Effects
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